If you have had an aching pain in your foot that is dull throughout the day, but really intensifies at night after you are done working or exercising, you could have a stress fracture.  You could actually have several, and you want to get to a physician right away. A stress fracture doesn't hurt constantly, and pain levels can vary.

You can get a stress fracture without having a serious injury, and this is a small crack in your bone. You will have to get an x-ray to determine if this is the problem, and you want to see a podiatrist to make sure you get the best treatment. Here are a few reasons you need to get it looked at fast.

Small Fractures Can Create Bad Breaks

Your small fracture could end up turning into a bad break in your foot. If you are able to let it heal while it's just a stress fracture, you can hopefully avoid a cast or other treatments that are required with a bone break. Bad breaks can also require surgery, pins, plates and more. Address the problem while it's small to avoid permanent bone damage.

You could also end up with other fractures, because you're walking oddly trying to take pressure off the area where you currently have pain.

Diagnose the Cause of the Fracture

A foot specialist can tell you the cause of your fractures. It could be caused by your daily work habits, how you work out, even your shoes. It could also be worsened by poor dietary choices that lack calcium, and you could be losing bone density at a fast rate. You want to find out what caused the problem so you can prevent future painful fractures.

Start Immediate Treatment

The location and the seriousness of the fracture will determine what treatment your foot specialist recommends. You may have to use crutches to keep weight off the fracture, or you could need a walking cast, air cast or boot for protection. The specialist may have exercises for you to do to keep the leg and foot strong without injuring the fracture more.

Your foot specialist may also want you to ice the area to help reduce inflammation. If you know there is something wrong with your foot and the pain is unbearable after a long day, you want to get to a foot specialist as soon as you can. Contact a company like ETL Podiatry for more information.